Services Overview

Prodigal Kids provides children and adolescents the opportunity to confront their personal issues, engage in a problem solving process, test new behaviors and formulate a more constructive approach to life’s challenges. Every effort is made to create a safe and supportive environment in which to build on personal strengths and challenge destructive behaviors. 

Our behavioral health services include prevention, substance use intervention, intensive outpatient program, and mental health counseling to help youth and their families address and deal with challenges that affect their relationships at home, in the community and at school. All youth receive a comprehensive assessment and are matched to services that best meet their needs.  

Behavioral Health Services

Prevention Education

This program offers an evidenced-based curriculum designed to reduce the  onset of the first experience with alcohol and other drugs, and to change youths’ perceptions about using substances. The curriculum is typically delivered in a school or community based setting.   Booster courses are offered to students in subsequent grades to follow up on learned lessons from their original curriculum.  

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Intervention Services

Substance use intervention services are provided to youth who have  experienced challenges based on their use of alcohol or other drugs. Youth are assisted to understand how substance use is affecting their life in a negative way, and assisted to develop skills to reduce and eliminate substance use.  Intervention services are delivered through a combination of individual, group, and family counseling.  

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Substance Abuse Counseling

The Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program is a three day a week program that meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM. The program is for youth ages 13 to 17; whose drug or alcohol use or abuse is interfering with normal  activities of daily living, including personal safety, achievements, school performance, and healthy family communication. 

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Mental Health Counseling

We diagnose and treat children,  adolescents and adults with a wide variety of issues including but not limited to: depression, anxiety and panic symptoms, post-traumatic stress, anger issues, obsessive-compulsive issues, grief and loss, self-harm, issues related to attachment, co-occurring disorders,  aggression, attention deficits and other behavioral concerns, as well as familial and relational issues.  

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Community Outreach

Our community partners include schools and educators, coalitions, community-based organizations, DJJ, and social service agencies. We seek to aid groups by offering training workshops and assistance needed to support youth and families as they address and overcome difficult issues. Prodigal Kids staff also serves on various boards and coalitions. Prodigal Kids also provides evidence based services to youth and their families who have come before the Department of Juvenile Justice.    

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Health and Wellness

Prodigal Kids adopts a holistic, bio-psychosocial counseling modality with a goal of helping clients access needed behavioral health services. Prodigal Kids works not only to address substance use but to promote well-rounded youth with physical health and well being. Hands-on interactive programming offers positive social interactions, which cultivates creativity and collaboration through peer mentorship, and education opportunities. 

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